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Palmerston North Cat Club Inc.

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The Palmerston North Cat Club was founded in 1951 and is affiliated with the New Zealand Cat Fancy.


Our blog includes our latest newsletters, plus links to a full list of the club's officers and committee members, some history resources, and information about upcoming shows.


Click here to visit our Facebook page.

2018 Show

Visit our show page for information about our upcoming show which will be held on Sunday 6th May 2018.

Our previous show pages can be found through these links: 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.


Would you like to join the club? You can download our membership form here.

Life Members

Click here to meet our club's life members.

Looking After Lola

Click here to read about the little black and white kitten found on the show set-up day in 2014.

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